Release From


I [Client.Name] hereby release all ownership and copyright rights of all photographs taken on [Shoot.Date] of my pet [Pet Name] a [Type of Pet] by Tim Ueltzen Photography. I also understand that Tim Ueltzen Photography can use any and all photographs or any part of to promote Tim Ueltzen Photography, that can include but not limited to their use on their web site, printed handouts, brochures, books or stock photography sales or any use that might arise in the future. I also understand that I have no ownership of any photographs taken of my pet by Tim Ueltzen Photography on this date and I will not be owed any compensation for any profits that might be made by Tim Ueltzen Photography today or at any time in the future. I also understand that I’m responsible for any and all damage my pet may cause to any person associated with or all equipment being used by Tim Ueltzen Photography. By signing this release I’m stating that I am the legal owner of said pet as listed on this release form and I have read and understand this release form.


By signing this agreement, the Client and witnesses an understanding of the above agreement and accepts all of the terms listed therein.