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  • Strouds Run State Park, Athens, OH

MOGA 2014 was directed by Lenie Holbrook (illinitrekker) in Athens, Ohio. The theme was Mission Impossible or secret agent and the t-shirt showed a gridded globe encircled by laurels with the words "Geocaching: Impossible" through the globe. The event coin was a large 3 inch cogged decoder coin with two movable rings held by magnets. The small ring showed the alphabet, A thru Z, and the large ring showed the alphabet in keyboard or QWERTY format. The award coins had a removable pathtag. The gold had 1st place, Silver had 2nd place, Bronze had 3rd place, and VIP had VIP on the pathtag. Athens is a college town, and the venue was held in one of the large 4 story college buildings. The after MOGA event was a hotdog eating contest at a local restaurant.
The Winning BiteMOGA 2014 LogoA&T 5000 find tributeStrider getting his waypoints downloadedIMG_2506IMG_2507Team: "Only One Needed"Team Group PhotoIMG_2504IMG_2515IMG_2516IMG_2535IMG_2537IMG_2539IMG_2540IMG_2542IMG_2545IMG_2550IMG_2551IMG_2553