• Rend Lake, Whittington, IL

MOGA 2011 was directed by John Elfrank (L Frank) at the Rend Lake Resort near Benton, Illinois. This was the first time MOGA was held indoors. It has been held indoors ever since because of the large crowds. The theme was Pirates, and the t-shirt showed a pirate ship supporting the flag of a skull and cross swords. The event coin was a depiction of a treasure chest. There were made with different metals and translucent colors. The reverse side had 2 removable pathtags showing skulls in different metals and eye colors. There was also the 26 letter alphabet with corresponding codes for each letter. This did not mean anything until the award coin was presented. It showed a code with a treasure map. Both coins were needed to find the event cache of a large treasure chest hidden in the woods around the lake. You needed the map to show you the only crossing of the wide spillway from the Rend Lake Dam. The Award coin also showed a sunken ship with different translucent colors showing the illusion of water.
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