• Lake Shelbyville, Shelbyville, IL

MOGA 2013 was co-directed by Pam Rankin (racer2814) and Tom Hankins (Gossamar) at Lake Shelbyville, Illinois. The theme was Medieval Camelot and the t-shirt showed a red dragon flying over a castle (Army Corps logo) with a sword in front and above the MOGA name. The event coin was a dragon, in different metals, encircling a stash of ammo cans which were covered in different translucent colors. On the reverse side was a knight in armor with a sword and shield. The award coins were a depiction of the sword in the stone with the stone encircled by a ring with a removable sword that was held by magnets. This was also the 10th MOGA Event, the first being in 2004. There was also a special 10 year coin minted, showing all of the years of each of the previous events. This was the first year we had co-directors.
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