• Rathbun Lake, Honey Creek Resort, Moravia, IA

MOGA 2012 was directed by Richard Buman (bumanfam) at The Honey Creek Resort at Rathbun Lake, Iowa. This was the first MOGA that was held outside SLAGA territory. The MOGA Directors wanted new ideas for the event and the Iowa group came through with plenty. The theme was 1950's hip-hop and the event started off with a band who played fifties music at a nearby pavilion with a costume and dance contest. The t-shirt shows a girl in a poodle skirt dancing with a guy in a white t-shirt next to a 57 Chevy with the Event GC number on the license plate. The event coin was a jukebox made with different metals that had a spinning record on two pathtags. The award coins also had a removable pathtag of a record. This was the first MOGA who brought in outside vendors to represent their companies and/or sell swag to the attendees. The venue was also the first that had an inside water park for the attendees, that featured a large hot tub, water slide, lazy river, and a pirate ship for the kids to play on. This was also the first time the Director did the event planning with very little assistance from other staff. The event went well, but the stress levels, on the Director, were very high.
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