From MoDot's website: Washington, Missouri - The Highway 47 Bridge at Washington is a cantilevered truss bridge crossing over the Missouri River on Route 47 at Washington, Missouri, between Franklin and Warren County. The bridge was built in 1934 and opened in 1936, carries about 11,000 vehicles a day. Its main span is 474.6 feet and it is 2,561.3 feet in length and a deck width of 22 feet. Its vertical clearance is 14.6 feet. The bridge carries two lanes of traffic.

I started photographing the bridge in an effort to get as many photos of it in all seasons before it's removed in early 2019. Once the new bridge construction was started I stopped photographing it since the new bridge blocks the view and I dodn't want photos of the new bridge. I'm going to miss the old bridge and all of the photo opportunities it has presented me and many other photographers.
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