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Welcome and thank you for stopping in to see my 52 Week Pet Project. I started this project with the hopes of becoming a better pet photographer and hopefully make some new friends along the way.

My goal is to photograph one new pet a week for one year. I will update the gallery with the new photo on the weekends.

If you are in the Washington Missouri area and would like to see your pet here let me know here so we can set up a time to photograph them. My main interest will be photographing dogs but I will photograph any pet you might have, including but not limited to: cat, snake, horse, lizard, guinea pig, hamster, bird, fish, cow, etc…

If you like what you see let me know by leaving a comment.

Shadow - Week 1Lola - Week 2Neiko - Week 3Howie - Week 4Tess - Week 5Jackson - Week 6Chuck - Week 7Poco - Week 8Rooney - Week 9Poco - Week 10Rin - Week 11Buddy - Week 12Roxie - Week 13Sampson - Week 14Sam and Jose' - Week 14 bonus photoGypsy - Week 15Caeser - Week 16Miley - Week 17Murray - Week 18Buster - Week 19