Do you need professional photographs of your loved pet? The answer is yes.  

Pets are a part of our families so why wouldn’t you have them professionally photographed.  


Picking the correct professional pet photographer.  

Yes, most photographers offer pet photography as a side option to their wedding or portrait business but they don’t specialize in pet photography the way photographer Tim Ueltzen does. Tim’s lifelong love of animals has helped make him a good pet photographer.  


What do I offer? 

I offer on-location professional pet photography services at a fair and reasonable price. I come to your house, farm, dog park, etc... to capture your pet's personality as a keepsake. All my work is 100% guaranteed. Call today to set up your photo session time before it’s too late. Session prices start at $30.00.  


Booking your session.  

I book sessions on the weekends. Early morning offers the best lighting of the day if you want outdoor photographs. If you want indoor photographs using studio lightning we can book the session any time of day. You can see my work at

You can book your session time here: After you book your session you will need to go here: and purchase the session you booked. If want to add a second pet you need to include that in your package. A $25.00 deposit is due on receipt to hold your appointment. Remaining balance is due in full at least 24 hours before session date and time. Cancellation fee is $25.00 if cancellation is not made at least 24 hours before session appointment time.  


Millage fee - Session packages include travel within 30 miles of zip code 63090. A mileage fee of .53 cents @ mile applies to sessions outside of the 63090 area. Before purchasing a session out of the 30-mile radius of 63090 email me and I will send you the total millage. [email protected]  


Preparing for the photo shot: 

Taking them for a walk to use up some extra energy is always a great idea especially with a very active pet.  

Grooming will make the photos look a lot better. I can only fix so much in post processing: brush them, wipe their eyes, trim toe nails, etc.….  

If you like to have outfit, scarfs, bows, etc.… That is fine but I wouldn't if they don't normally wear them.  

Water is always a necessity for our furry friends so bring them a bowl and some fresh water to drink.  


The photo shoot: 

You are responsible for your pet’s safety so you must be present during the photo session. Only remove the leash and collar when they are in a secure location. I will not do anything to put, you, myself our your pet at risk of injury or death.   

I will be giving you directions to help get the best photographs of your pet. Our focus will be photographing your pet but family and friends are welcome to be included in some of the poses.  


After the photo session: 

I will upload the finished photographs to a password protected gallery within 7 days after your photo session. You will have fourteen (14) days to order prints, etc.… I will send you an email with your password once the gallery is ready.